Vern Oakley

Vern Oakley

Vern Oakley is the CEO and creative director for Tribe Pictures

A veteran filmmaker, teacher, speaker, and industry thought leader, Oakley has been helping institutions and leaders connect with and mobilize their tribes through soul expression and communication. His mission to humanize leadership is achieved by crafting great stories that appeal to and impact the people who matter most.

Through Tribe Pictures, a film production company he founded in 1986 wherein he serves as CEO and Creative Director, Vern has directed numerous short and long-form films that garnered over one hundred and fifty industry awards — forty of which received gold or “best in show” medals. His projects have built the brands of leaders of Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and institutions in technology, life science, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and finance. His films have also helped launch some of the industry’s largest public offerings that have been credited with helping raise almost two billion dollars in contributions to colleges, universities, and philanthropies.

A client of Vern’s once bestowed on him the unofficial title “Business Artist.” Vern believes this captures his comfort, as he is able to translate the left-brain needs of his clients (business strategy) to the right-brain needs of the production team (storytelling and artistry), and vice versa, and will continue his passion in sharing these lessons with others.

Leading on Camera

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