Valerie Metzker

Valerie Metzker

Valerie Metzker is head of partnerships and enterprise sales at Roadie, an on-demand delivery provider with more than 200,000 drivers covering 90% of U.S. addresses. Roadie works with consumers, small businesses and corporations to provide a faster, cheaper, more scalable solution for scheduled, same-day and urgent delivery.

Making Brick-and-Mortar Stores Your Secret Weapon in the Ultrafast Delivery War

Ultrafast delivery — same-day or next-day — is now the new normal. and other leading retailers have reset customer expectations with shipping options that the rest of the industry must match to stay competitive. The good news for omnichannel retailers is that their brick-and-mortar outlets can help them win the last-mile delivery race. By…

4 Tips for Avoiding Another ‘Shipageddon’ This Holiday Season

Remember last year’s “Shipageddon,” when many delivery providers struggled to meet demand in the lead-up to the holidays? Well, like a sequel to a movie that no one enjoyed the first time around, Shipageddon 2 could be coming soon. But the good news for retailers is that if you play it smart, you can avoid…