Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson is EVP of Media Analytics & Marketing Effectiveness for Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide.

Strong Measurement Practices Are Key for Maximizing Marketing ROI

While it’s standard practice for marketers to measure the effectiveness of their efforts, there’s a myriad of approaches they can take to do so — and some are vastly more informative than others. For example, a common pitfall for marketers is trying to gauge the success of their endeavors based solely on overall brand revenue…

How Marketers Can Harness the Potential of Changing Shopping and Media Habits

With the ongoing pandemic continuing to keep many consumers largely at home, digital platforms are getting more attention than ever before, presenting immense opportunity for retailers to influence audiences. Despite the potential of meeting shoppers in these new spaces, however, many brands are cutting campaign spending in an effort to save capital in such uncertain…