Timothy P. Seward

Timothy P. Seward

Timothy P. Seward is the author of the “Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising” (Entrepreneur Press®, 2019) and the founder of ROI Revolution, which drives growth for brands, retailers, and ecommerce merchants with its results-driven digital marketing technology and services. With his extensive marketing and retail background, he is a thought leader who has spoken at 70+ industry ecommerce and Amazon events including IRCE & Prosper, is a frequent guest lecturer at North Carolina State University’s College of Management and has contributed to key industry publications including Internet Retailer.

4 Ways to Optimize Amazon Advertising for Your Brand

Way back in 1995, Amazon.com made its first-ever customer sale. Within two short months, Amazon was generating $20,000 per week in the U.S. and countries around the world. Today, Amazon has become the go-to marketplace for more than 310 million customers, with over 54 percent of all product searches occurring on Amazon. In other words, Amazon…

SEM - Are You Winning?

To those on the fringes, paid search engine marketing (SEM) can appear to be black magic. There are so many variables to get right — keywords, ads, bids, landing pages, offers, etc. — and the competition can be brutal. Before you know it, you're spending more than you can afford just to stay in the game.