Tim Nybo

Tim Nybo

Tim Nybo is co-founder of Vincero Watches, a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer brand of luxury watches based in downtown San Diego.

3 Truths About Outsourced Manufacturing Every Business Should Know

Before manufacturing took over the world, businesses made every product by hand with an immaculate attention to detail. Today, companies blame their own manufacturers and suppliers for poor quality control, however, in many cases their own short-sightedness is the true culprit. The rise in entrepreneurship in the U.S. has led to the birth of some…

How Brands Can Weather the Heat of the Latest Trade War Developments

The government may be back in session, but the trade war with China is continuing to disrupt the economy in 2019. Businesses that seek growth in times of turmoil will face steep challenges this year and beyond. Increased customs fees and longer processing times have thrust most companies into unfamiliar territory. Without experience in international…