Terrence Fox

Terrence Fox

Terrence Fox is Director of Strategy at iAdvize, the only conversational platform dedicated to building genuine relationships at scale.

As a semi-professional endurance athlete, I thrive in challenging environments and live to push boundaries. To say this attitude spills over into my work would be an understatement. My time as a trusted consultant for worldwide Hospitality Executives at TripAdvisor and marketing innovator for global Enterprises at HubSpot created a fascination with brand saliency and consumer perception.

2020 has tasked retail brands with differentiating through unique experiences, and I’m excited to run this race with you.

Where Are Retailers Focusing Their Resources During the Pandemic?

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing, and we wanted to benchmark what areas retailers felt delivered the best customer experience (CX) and return on investment. We worked with Gatepoint Research to survey over 100 of the United States' biggest retailers and digitally native e-commerce brands to understand what was working and what wasn’t in…

Understanding Conversational Platforms: What Every E-Commerce Brand Needs to Know

Most brands know they must improve customer experience (CX) or risk losing customers. However, digital CX isn't about providing more content or using technology to streamline transactions. A digital experience needs to be a human experience. And human experiences are built on conversations — authentic ones between two people. A conversational platform lets brands reach…

Digital Retail Needs a Human Focus Now More Than Ever

Recent weeks have brought unprecedented change into all our lives. Most of us are spending more time at home and less time engaging with others in social and work settings. We're restricting trips to stores to just essentials, and that reduces our social exchanges even more. The face-to-face human interactions that made up the fabric…