Tara Bartley

Tara Bartley

Tara Bartley is Senior Manager, Global Industry Marketing at Akamai Technologies, a globally distributed intelligent edge platform. 

How to Protect Data Privacy and Build Customer Trust in the Digital World

Data privacy is top of mind for retailer information security, compliance and risk management officers. And for good reason. Data breaches and compliance violations can tarnish a retailer’s reputation and lead to steep regulatory fines and costly lawsuits. Target, for example, spent over $200 million on legal fees related to its headline-grabbing 2013 data breach.…

Online Shopping Isn't Going Away Any Time Soon. Are You Prepared?

While parts of the world are beginning to open up again and some consumers are anxious to get back into stores, many will continue to shop online as much as possible for a long time to come. Over the past couple of months, a lot of retailers have risen to the occasion to serve their…