Sue Welch

Sue Welch

Sue Welch is CEO of Bamboo Rose, the only marketplace powered by proven trade engines for product and supply chain management, enabling the B2B community to collaboratively and continuously discover, develop, and deliver ideas and products to global markets.

2020: Set Your Supply Chain for Success

Here’s the thing about time: we never have enough of it. This couldn’t ring any truer for U.S. retailers looking to bounce back from a challenging 2019 holiday season. With Thanksgiving landing on Nov. 28 — six days later than the holiday in 2018 — retailers were left with far less time to strategize and…

Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Retail Needs a Brand-New Invention

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the world embarked on a journey toward connectivity and collaboration. The invention and burgeoning popularity of the internet brought together people from around the globe in both personal and professional spheres. Today, technology is still evolving and social platforms have continued to meet the increasing need for in-the-moment communication…