Sucharita Kodali

Sucharita Kodali

Sucharita Mulpuru Kodali is Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.

Retailers Are Missing the Mark When it Comes to Customer Experience

It’s no surprise that by creating a superior experience for consumers, brands can help foster loyalty. The better the quality of interactions consumers have with a retailer, the more likely they will continue shopping with that retailer. Think back to a great, or perhaps not so great, experience you’ve had with a retailer. That experience,…

Are Online Retailers Missing Something Obvious?

While online retail as an industry is growing, many online retailers are struggling to grow and capture their fair share of that growth. In a recent study of online retailers conducted by Forrester and the National Retail Federation, 12 percent of retailers experienced flat or declining revenues in the last year. To find pockets of…