Steve Rowen

Steve Rowen

Steve Rowen is a managing partner at Retail Systems Research, the only research company run by retailers for the retail industry. RSR provides insight into business and technology challenges facing the extended retail industry, and thought leadership and advice on navigating these challenges for specific companies and the industry at large.

The Internet of Things (IoT): Finally Finding a Home in Retail?

For retailers, Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that has taken some time to figure out exactly how it can be used properly, but it seems that it is indeed starting to find some semblance of a home within the industry, according to our new research. In our fifth annual study on IoT, we…

A Big Year for Stores

RSR has been conducting an annual benchmark on the state of the store since the company launched in 2007. It’s one area where we always hope to see change from the previous year’s respondents. After all, many of us have grown disillusioned with how little the shopping experience has changed in the physical world. As…