Steve Gershik

Steve Gershik

Steve Gershik is chief marketing officer at inRiver, a product information management (PIM) solution.

Steve Gershik leads the talented marketing team at inRiver. As a 20-year veteran of B2B marketing, Steve has worked with many growth-stage technology companies around the world.

Prior to joining inRiver, Steve ran his own marketing consulting firm, Koyne Marketing, was the co-founder and CMO of DemandCon, the demand generation conference, and lead marketing teams for Eloqua, now part of Oracle, and Sirius Decisions. He actively mentors young marketers interested in demand generation and customer marketing.

When not working, Steve can be found hiking in Yosemite, practicing his mixology skills, or speaking at events around the world like Campus Party, Brazil, Dreamforce, BMA, AMA, and DMA.

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