Shannon Flanagan

Shannon Flanagan

Shannon Flanagan is vice president of global strategy at Talkdesk. She has been retailing since college, both in-stores and as a buyer, merchant, consultant, sales leader, and strategist. She’s been an executive with Gap, Lands’ End, and Macy’s, defining and managing strategic initiatives, with expertise in omnichannel transformation. She has also worked with hyper-growth and Fortune 500 companies during her time with Accenture, Infor, and Slalom.

How Retailers Can Find Success in the Metaverse

Customer experience (CX) is as important as ever, but meeting customers where they are has become significantly more complex. As technology adoption has exploded, consumers get and engage with content from many sources, including the metaverse. Though it has existed in certain circles for years, the public really became aware of the metaverse when Facebook…

Turning Returns Into Opportunities

While the explosive growth of digital shopping in 2020 led to more sales, it also caused a spike in returns as shoppers discovered some of their online purchases didn’t fit, were defective, or failed to meet expectations. For most retailers, an influx of returns expose costly operational weaknesses for processing returns, as well as untapped…