Sarah Assous

Sarah Assous

Sarah Assous is senior vice president of marketing at Zoov, a e-commerce solutions provider.

COVID-19 is a Wake-Up Call for E-Commerce Strategies

Over the last few years as e-commerce’s prominence grew, brands and retailers focused on bringing their catalog into a digital setting, maximizing advertising and promotions across distribution and social media channels, and adopting a few “nice to have” customer experience solutions. As lockdowns, travel restrictions, social distancing, and other measures stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak…

Solving Choice Paralysis Through Conversational Marketing

Regardless of industry, consumers today are faced with a tremendous number choices when shopping — more commonly becoming known as choice overload. Choice overload is what happens when we're faced with more possibilities than we can clearly or easily comprehend, clouding purchase judgement and often leading to overall frustration. When consumers find they're running into too…