Rory Dennis

Rory Dennis

Rory Dennis, Co-Founder & GM, North America, Amplience

Rory co-founded Amplience and is GM of Amplience in the United States, developing Amplience’s presence in North America. Rory previously worked as Business Development Manager for O2 Telefonica’s Interactive Media Team.

Addressing Your Retail Woes: How to Outshine the Competition This Holiday Season

The long awaited time of the year is finally here, and with giants like taking a stronghold on the market retailers will need to put their best foot forward to rise above this holiday shopping season. This year, Americans spent around $3 billion online between Prime Day and Labor Day, and Black Friday is…

High-Frequency Content: The Retail Game Changer

In today’s changing retail landscape, brands must continually evolve to consistently reach and stay relevant for their target audience. With the growth of e-commerce and omnichannel retail, larger brands are finding it increasingly challenging to reach consumers. Additionally, with the millennial generation becoming an increasingly important demographic, the way brands used to engage shoppers is…

Understanding the New Customer Journey

A lot has changed for online shoppers in recent years. The customer journey today has become a multiplatform experience, often including interactions via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops - all in the course of one transaction. This is in sharp contrast to the mall walkers of the past and the clunky and often frustrating online purchasing we all endured as the internet grew up. Today's consumer uses every available minute to research, make wish lists and purchase online. This can mean looking at product reviews on mobile devices during the morning commute, updating a wish list at lunch from a desktop or pulling the trigger on some big-ticket items at night from a laptop.

Reaching the 21st Century Retail Customer

With retailers and brands having more opportunities to engage with customers and prospects than ever before, the winners will be those that have adapted to this new omnichannel model. Ultimately, this means being able to create the most engaging experiences that satisfy customers and keep them returning for more, no matter what channel they happen to purchase in. Only by achieving this will retailers be able to cater to today's new breed of "super shoppers."

Bringing the Shop to You: Essential Strategies for E-Commerce Success

Dynamic imaging enables retailers to easily deliver large, deep-level zoom, allowing consumers to examine product detail at great depth and obtain a more holistic image of craftsmanship. In addition to honing in on particular aspects of the product, dynamic imaging also facilitates 360-degree spin. This allows consumers to view the product from all angles and through alternative views, helping them uncover unique details previously undetectable in traditional flat images. For example, perhaps a pair of pumps has distinctive beading on the heels or maybe a satchel has a pouch designed to protect a tablet sown into the inside flap. As all retailers know, it's often details such as these that push a hesitant consumer to purchase. As such, dynamic imaging technology is a valuable tool in brands’ e-commerce arsenal.

What’s in Store for E-Commerce in 2014?

Today's retail landscape is a far cry from what it was even a decade ago, back when bricks and mortar was dominant. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the strength and prevalence of e-commerce continues to grow. Retailers of all types and sizes are putting their businesses on the web and investing in their online presence. As we enter 2014, the emergence of additional advanced technologies - and the challenges they bring - will continue to shape the e-commerce world and move it forward. Below are just a few of the trends that I expect will impact e-commerce this year.