Rob Saker

Rob Saker

Rob Saker is Global Industry Leader, Retail and CPG at analytics company Databricks.

With E-Commerce Growth Slowing, Retailers Need AI to Make it Profitable and Permanent

During the pandemic-induced online shopping boom, retailers invested in e-commerce capabilities out of necessity. As consumers shifted to retailers with online ordering, merchants were scrambling to provide new digital order and delivery options. These investments helped capture more market share, but now that stores are reopening and there's little market share remaining to capture, retailers…

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

As we’ve seen unfold in recent years, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics are rapidly changing the speed at which the retail industry operates. As these technologies become increasingly popular among leading retail companies, it’s clear that early adopters of AI have seen a sizable financial advantage compared to retailers that haven’t…