Rob Maille

Rob Maille

Rob Maille is co-founder and head of strategy and customer experience at CommerceCX, a company that helps organizations transform their technology and operations.

Rob is a seasoned entrepreneur and CX expert with over 25 years in digital strategy, enterprise application development and user experience. He has been creating easy to use, customer- driven solutions that customer’s love since 1991. Rob’s primary role at CommerceCX is to inspire, create, and define digital solutions for clients. He is an accomplished designer, technologist and thought leader with a focus around digital applications, product strategy and process enhancement. He possesses extensive subject matter experience in financial services, human resources, digital commerce, startups, insurance and healthcare, with a focus in creating high-performing teams focused on delivering creative products. Follow CommerceCX on Twitter at @commercecx.

The Interplays of Technology in Retail: Driving Superior Customer Service

As we live and breathe in the age of technology, retailers look to compete in customer service by adding new technology into the infrastructure. Technology promises to eliminate friction, deepen customer engagement, uncover insights, and automate processes. In fact, one could argue that artificial intelligence (AI) is reviving retail. Take chatbot-based interactions for retail sales,…

Understanding the Emergence of Retail-as-a-Service (RaaS)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to retail organizations to hear that consumer purchasing habits have drastically changed. With the majority of growth happening online, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are challenged with establishing an online presence, transforming their business model, and harnessing the power of innovative technologies. We’ve seen brick-and-mortar stores struggle to adapt to the…