RJ Frasca

RJ Frasca

RJ Frasca is Vice President of Marketing and Product of EBI Inc., a leading background screening provider. Frasca brings over 20 years of marketing and product experience with companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Time Warner, and Verizon.

4 Money-Saving Ways Retail Can Improve Seasonal Hiring Procedures

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and COVID-19 variants indicating no sign of the pandemic’s departure, retailers are bracing for a labor shortage that will negatively impact both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. Fulfillment centers and retailers feeling this pressure may try to hire and onboard seasonal workers faster than usual by skimping on background…

The Turnover Tsunami: Prioritizing Healthy Workplaces as Hiring Accelerates

Hiring is roaring back to all-time highs as the pandemic continues to slow. Employers added more than 900,000 jobs in March alone, and a recent survey shows 52 percent of employees plan to job hunt this year, up from 35 percent in 2020. At the nucleus of this turnover tsunami is a newfound awareness among employees…