Rew Mchugh

Rew Mchugh
A Merry Mobile Shopping Season

The reality is that the mobile web has become a seamless extension of our everyday lives. It was only a matter of time until people began to see shopping (and actual purchasing) as a part of the evolution. Now it's up to online retailers to ensure their mobile shopping experiences keep up with user expectations.

Online Retail Insights: An Old Approach to the New

This past September saw TJX quietly launch, and with it a new approach to the discount online apparel model. While the company scrapped its first foray into e-commerce eight years ago, it appears this new venture is a focused attempt to recreate the "You never know what you'll find" attraction of its brick-and-mortar business on the web — and you may be surprised by the experience it delivers.

Online Retail Insights: Apparel Retailers Need to Evolve

The holiday season is right around the corner, meaning most e-retailers are in the thick of finalizing promotional campaigns and optimizing websites in the hopes of increasing traffic and avoiding conversion roadblocks. However, before launching their email, social and traditional advertising campaigns, many online retailers would be well served to take the time to re-evaluate the overall digital experience they're delivering to visitors.