Raviteja Dodda

Raviteja Dodda

Raviteja “Ravi” Dodda is the CEO and co-founder of MoEngage, a leading insights-led customer engagement platform used by global brands and retailers.

5 MarTech Trends That Will Define Business Strategy in 2022

The last two years have turned our lives around by 360 degrees. The time we spent working remotely within the confines of our homes made us question work, life, family and much more. Similarly, apprehensions also emerged on the lines of businesses, as brands evolved along with consumers through a new and uncertain reality. What…

Guide the Customer Journey With Personalized, Moments-Based Marketing

Consumers are bombarded with sales messaging from dozens (or even hundreds or thousands) of brands across multiple channels throughout the day. The only way to cut through the noise is with meaningful interaction. And the only way to do that is to understand the customer’s needs and where he/she is in their journey, a unique…