Pratik Soni

Pratik Soni

Pratik Soni is CEO of Omnichain™, an end-to-end blockchain solution for supply chain management.

Pratik Soni is an investor and a global executive with a career spanning the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. A natural entrepreneur with a track record of founding and scaling business operations, Pratik brings a wealth of experience in supply chain design, implementation, technology and business strategy as CEO of Omnichain™. In the past 15 years he has held leadership positions for startups and Fortune 500 companies including, Apple, Beats Electronics, 20th Century Fox and Sears Holdings. Pratik also holds board and advisory positions for various startups like Arlians, Venzee and others.

Adapting Omnichannel Fulfillment for a Post-COVID-19 World

Around the world, countries are taking gradual steps toward a return to normalcy amidst efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19. One of those key steps is the easing of restrictions on retailers. This follows months of store closures, which made e-commerce the primary sales channel for many businesses practically overnight. Looking ahead, we can…

How Blockchain Can Solve Retail’s Sustainability Problem

At this year’s G7 summit in Biarritz, 32 companies banded together to sign the Fashion Pact, a commitment to solving one of the apparel and retail industry’s biggest problems: sustainability. The fast-fashion sector has been a main contributor to the problem. With companies churning out more clothing on a faster production cycle, the fashion world…