Polly Wong

Polly Wong

Polly Wong is Managing Partner, Strategic/Ecommerce/Creative Services at Belardi Wong, the leading direct marketing firm in the industry, working with more than 100 retailers and best in class brands.

Amazon Misses the Mark With its Holiday Toy Catalog

Amazon.com is great at tackling new lines of business. The path from online bookseller to one of the world’s most valuable companies was forged through its entry into music, video, cloud computing, advertising and groceries. And yet for all of Amazon’s rich data, deep pockets and top-tier talent, it's making rookie mistakes in one of…

How Retailers and D-to-C Brands Can Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

There's no way around it: times are tough for retailers and direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) brands as they absorb the shock of COVID-19 on their businesses. However, the sudden upheaval is also bringing out the best from leaders in our industry, as they craft proactive strategies for survival, recovery, and future growth. To that end, we’ve put…