Pedro Alves

Pedro Alves

Pedro Alves is the founder and CEO of Ople.AI, a software startup that provides an Automated Machine Learning platform to empower business users with predictive analytics.

While pursuing his Ph.D. in Computational Biology from Yale University, Alves started his career as a data scientist and gained experience in predicting, analyzing, and visualizing data in the fields of social graphs, genomics, gene networks, cancer metastasis, insurance fraud, soccer strategies, joint injuries, human attraction, spam detection and topic modeling among others. Realizing that he was learning by observing how algorithms learn from processing different models, Alves discovered that data scientists could benefit from AI that mimics this behavior of learning to learn to learn. Therefore, he founded Ople to advance the field of data science and make AI easy, cheap, and ubiquitous.

Alves enjoys tackling new problems and actively participates in the AI community through projects, lectures, panels, mentorship, and advisory boards. He is extremely passionate about all aspects of AI and dreams of seeing it deliver on its promises; driven by Ople.

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