Paul Boyle

Paul Boyle

Paul Boyle has served as the CEO of Retail Insight since 2011; he was previously the company’s COO since its founding in 2005. He is passionate about Retail Insight’s people, products and partners. Prior to Retail Insight, Paul worked at P&G and HJ Heinz.

How Dynamic Markdowns Can Help Mitigate Food Waste

The United States has a startling food waste problem, much of it caused by the grocery retail market. Thirty percent of food in grocery stores is thrown away in the U.S., and 16 billion pounds of food is wasted by retailers every year, according to RTS data. In fact, the food that grocers waste is…

How Tech and Connectivity Can Transform the Role of Store Associates

The food and grocery retail industry has changed dramatically in recent years, from new competitors through new channels to new consumer preferences, and that's to say nothing of the impact of COVID. Big-box grocery retailers are under increasing pressure to deliver an ever-more personalized experience on choice and value while maintaining availability for the many…