Paula Crerar

Paula Crerar

Paula Crerar is vice president of content marketing and programs at Evergage, which delivers real-time personalization to more than 3 billion people across the world.

Survey Says: Personalization Growing in Importance for Retailers

As consumers, we can all relate to that frustrating experience when a preferred brand doesn’t seem to “know” us. For example, how many times has your bank promoted a product to you that you already have? How often have you received an email from a favorite retailer announcing a sale in a category you’ve never…

Retailers Achieving Personalization Benefits, But Still Room for Improvement

With the recent increase in retail store closings (according to Credit Suisse, 2,880 retail stores have already shut down this year), it’s more important than ever for retailers to get their e-commerce channel right. But online, it’s very easy for consumers to shop around before making a purchase — comparing prices and styles across sites…