Nick Godfrey

Nick Godfrey

Nick Godfrey is executive vice president and co-founder of Customer Portfolios, a marketing technology company offering analytics, strategy, marketing execution, creative and technology services.

Evaluating the Personalized Customer Experience in Retail: 5 Key Lessons

In recent months, we conducted two distinct audits as part of an ongoing series to understand how well brands are capturing and using customer data to deliver personalized marketing experiences. The first Customer Experience Audit focused on women’s retail; the second looked at lifestyle footwear. In both cases, we created distinct audit “shoppers” to interact…

Retailers Take Over the Battle for TurboMan

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s holiday classic "Jingle All the Way" epitomizes the perils of holiday shopping’s past. Arnold’s character has several failed attempts to find the season’s hottest toy — TurboMan — charging from one crowded store to the next in hopes of finding the toy for his son. If the movie were remade today, the plot…