Nadav Avni

Nadav Avni

Nadav has been at Radix Technologies for the past five years, originally joining as a marketing director. He has extensive experience in marketing from technology and advertising companies, having previously held roles at VBox Communications, Leverate and Nokia.

Retail Management With COSU Devices: Handling the Holiday Upsurge

For many vendors, the holiday sales period can spell the difference between success and failure, providing a boost that can turn around the fortunes of a struggling retailer. Conversely, an inability to capitalize on last quarter sales could be a business’s final death knell. That’s why retailers need to make sure their management processes can…

Endpoint Management in Retail: Why it’s a Game Changer

To sell goods and services to consumers, the more successful businesses use two fronts instead of one. Brick-and-mortar shops serve local customers, while online storefronts serve the rest of the world. To track every transaction, companies need help from modern digital technologies, including endpoint management. This ensures that the devices that help complete a transaction…