Mike Molinari

Mike Molinari
How to Forge Emotional Connections Online

According to Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, the purchase decision-making process is about 70 percent emotional and 30 percent rational. If your brand isn't emotionally connecting with consumers, there's a good chance that you're missing out on a huge number of sales.

Soma Intimates Extends its Reach With Video Makeovers

Soma Intimates' bra makeover videos are a multipurpose marketing tool that helps women find the best fitting, most comfortable product while enabling the brand to engage consumers via another online touchpoint (in addition to its website, third-party syndicated sites, video forums and social networking sites). As an added bonus, Soma Intimates also benefits from happy customers sharing the video with friends, which has lead to a virally driven uplift in sales.

3 Ways to Capture More Holiday Sales

Whether consumers shop via websites, social media pages, mobile apps, brick-and-mortar stores, etc., it's important for retailers to understand their purchasing behavior. Adding to cart as opposed to abandoning the shopping cart is, of course, the ultimate goal. Here are three ways retailers can capture consumers' holiday purchases: