Michele Szabocsik

Michele Szabocsik

Michele Szabocsik is the vice president of marketing at BlueConic, a customer data platform that liberates your data so you can activate your most valuable marketing asset — your first-party customer data.

First-Party Data and the Future of Retail

No industry sector has experienced a year quite like 2020. For retailers, the pandemic caused massive upheaval to in-store shopping, supply chains, marketing budgets, and more. Retailers that relied heavily on brick-and-mortar sales were forced into e-commerce seemingly overnight. But the truth is the pandemic arrived at a time when retailers were already grappling with…

Traditional Fashion and Apparel Brands Play Catch Up to D-to-Cs

Direct-to-consumer (D-to-C) businesses exploded in 2019. There are now almost 400 D-to-C brands in the apparel and accessory market alone. As D-to-C momentum reaches full swing, traditional retail fashion brands like Nike are jumping on board in a big way. For example, Nike estimates that its D-to-C sales will reach $16 billion in 2020. Other…