Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher, Ed.D. brings over 25 years of experience in organizational transformation through research, education, and revenue growth.

He specializes in helping companies build collaborative, connected, cohesive cultures, with a commitment to personal and professional development and success.

Disciplines include: progressive leadership and decision making, responsive data and analytics, nimble sales effectiveness, and agile customer data and business intelligence technology assessments. Additionally, Michael is on the Board of Directors of TheCustomer.

Why a Cookie-Free Experience Journey is an Opportunity to Nurture Customer Relationships

The end of third-party cookies is nigh! While Google has delayed the "cookiepocalypse" until 2023, this means there's a little more time for brands to get their future strategies into place. The digital customer journey will look a little different, but the results will be better for consumers and, ultimately, better for brands. What Can…