Max Koziolek

Max Koziolek

Max Koziolek is the co-founder and CEO of Spectrm — the leading conversational marketing automation platform

5 Reasons Why Conversational Marketing Should Be Your Next Strategy

Marketers are being backed into a corner. The ways customers want to interact with brands is changing. The rise of data restrictions is constraining marketers in how they can collect information on their audience. But above all, too much competition has led to the decline of digital channel efficacy — and brands are having trouble…

How CMOs Can Prepare for the Future of Conversational Marketing

What's a better marketing strategy: Walking into a room full of people, announcing who you are and what products you offer, and then hoping someone will come talk to you, or walking into a room and going up to each person, shaking their hand, and asking them what problems they need solving? Marketers are looking…