Mark Simon

Mark Simon

Mark Simon is the Vice President of Strategy at Celigo. With over two decades of experience in the tech industry, Mark has spent his time leading teams at a number of different companies, such as Explore Consulting and Evo, where he served as Chief Technology Officer.

How AI and Automation Will Transform E-Commerce Operations

Online retail and e-commerce providers are struggling to meet shopper expectations amidst ongoing inflation, higher costs and lingering supply chain woes. A new independent survey that queried nearly 2,000 global shoppers found that 88 percent of U.S. and 79 percent of U.K. shoppers said that online retailers delivered poor experiences at least once in the…

Retailers Need a Personalized, Online Approach to the Holiday Season

Holiday shoppers this year will be price-conscious, budget-minded, and mostly online. They’ll prioritize customer service, fast delivery at reasonable rates, and accommodating return policies. And they’ll start early, with many planning to begin in September, diminishing the impact of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Those are just some of the findings from a July…

What Retailers Can Do Now to Get Ready for Holiday 2023

Discerning consumers expect more from their online shopping experiences, especially during the busy holiday season when timely delivery, readily available products, and seamless checkout and return policies are more important than ever. In fact, the holiday season is often a “make or break” time for most retailers, particularly smaller ones eager to make a big…

Best Practices for Automating E-Commerce Operations

A recent consumer survey revealed that 76 percent of shoppers say they will stop doing business with a company after only two poor experiences, and these experiences can even occur in the same transaction. As consumers demand more value for their money during an uncertain economy, retailers must deliver a seamless, efficient customer service experience by leveraging automation.…

Image Search Tips for E-Tailers

Traffic from image search isn't paid traffic, but it isn't free either. Those seeking to have their images rise to the top of image SERPs will need to invest time and effort in the images themselves and in the text describing them that help the search engines put them into their proper context and category. Here are a few things you can do to improve the search performance of your images:

5 Reasons Retailers Should Do Social and/or SEO

Online retailers seeking to maximize their market share need to embrace every tool in their marketing kit to win the day. Naturally, many retailers prefer to rely on a "paid media" strategy because accounting for spend, income, net profit and return on investment is easy, thus justifying financial allocations. But savvy retailers will not ignore "unpaid" media efforts, including search engine optimization and social media campaigns.