Margo Kahnrose

Margo Kahnrose

Margo Kahnrose is SVP of Marketing at Kenshoo, a global leader in marketing technology. Kenshoo equips marketers with self-service applications to build their brands and generate demand by executing digital advertising across the world’s leading mobile and desktop publishers.

A brand builder and marketing leader who connects the dots between audience, positioning, visuals, and voice, Margo is equal parts thinker, doer, and leader, sitting in the crosshairs of strategy and creative. Margo can be reached at

Marketers See the Full-Funnel Potential of Instagram Stories Ads

While retailers are doing plenty of creative things with organic (i.e., free) Instagram Stories already, on the paid side, Stories ads have officially taken off in a material way for the first time since their 2017 release. The Instagram business page about Stories ads states: “ … of the 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories,…

A Brave New Retail World: New Options for Brands to Drive Traffic to Amazon

Last month, Google changed its sitelink extensions policy, officially allowing brands to link product ads to select store pages they don’t own, starting with and Best Buy. This news represents another milestone in the transformation of e-commerce; another puzzle piece clicking into place for brands building a holistic, multichannel digital strategy. With this sanction,…