Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor is Chief Operating Officer and Founder of TrafficGuard, a company that provides game-changing digital ad fraud protection. With years of experience in managing and growing various digital marketing, internet and mobile technology companies, Luke has a track record of successfully developing and deploying ROI-driven strategies.

COVID-19 Makes the Problem of Ad Fraud More Complex for Retailers

Marketing strategies developed for a pre-COVID world are, in the most part, not optimal for the realities of today. Brick-and-mortar retailers will be grappling with the challenges of strengthening their online presence and customer acquisition efforts. Strong online retailers will be facing more competitors, while likely also observing impacts of reduced consumer confidence. In this…

5 Ways Proactive Fraud Prevention Drives Growth

As consumers in North America get ready for the holiday shopping season, retail marketing teams are preparing for a huge wave of shopping intent and the increase of free time that comes with the holiday season. With e-commerce spend between Thanksgiving and Christmas forecast to hit $142 billion in the U.S. this year, the holidays…