Lory Ajamian

Lory Ajamian

Lory Ajamian is the VP of Marketing at Lightspeed, the leading point of sale provider for independent retailers, online merchants, and restaurateurs. Graduating from McGill University with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics, Lory has a decade of experience in sales operations, data, and lead generation.

How 3 Resilient Retailers Adapt to Change During COVID-19

As Lightspeed's vice president of marketing, I’ve seen firsthand how our retail clients are constantly adapting to an ever-changing industry. When e-commerce emerged, retailers went online. When online shopping was said to overtake brick-and-mortar, they responded with unique and creative in-store experiences and targeted marketing. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re setting a precedent for…

What You Need to Know About Consumer Shopping Habits

As Lightspeed's vice president of marketing, I’m always on the hunt for ways to empower retailers with insights that help them adapt in an industry that’s constantly changing. It’s our mission to remove any barriers they face along the way. In my conversations with retailers, the same questions come up time and time again: things…