Lise Wilson

Lise Wilson

Lise Wilson is Vice President of Retail Strategy and Strategy & Account Director at Miller Zell, Inc., a leading full-service retail experience company.

Year-Round Cheer: How to Cater to Peak Season Shoppers In-Store Now

Christmas in July? Not quite, but since a sizable portion of shoppers plan far ahead for the holidays, now is the time to begin engaging them. We’ve identified four main types of holiday shoppers, based on data from Google and Cardlytics around timing and mind-set — two of which are historically on the lookout for holiday shopping…

Better Than Washing Dishes: How to Enhance Your CX With In-Store Value

The rise of digital has shifted perceptions of brick-and-mortar retail. What was once a thrilling experience to venture in-store can now be considered an inconvenience, especially when a comparable product is often a button-push away. For some consumers, in-store shopping has fallen even lower in the ranks and become akin to that of a mundane…