Krish Iyer

Krish Iyer

Krish Iyer is Head of Industry Relations and Strategic Partnerships at ShipStation, a shipping software company.

Why Focusing on Your Returns Process Has Never Been More Important

Thanks to the convenience, speed and overall ease of the modern day e-commerce landscape, product returns have become synonymous with the purchasing process. Consumers are able to buy multiple colors, sizes and variations of a certain product with the comfort of knowing they can take the ones they don't want back to the retailer with…

Here’s Why the CSCO Will Be the Most Coveted Role in Retail

We’ve seen history repeat itself time and time again this past year. As e-commerce’s impact on retail grows, companies that once viewed the supply chain as transactional are realizing that they must revamp their strategies with a greater emphasis on the business unit. As companies both small and large continue on their quests to deliver…