Kevin Sterneckert

Kevin Sterneckert

Kevin Sterneckert is chief marketing officer at Symphony RetailAI, a global leader in AI-enabled decision platforms, solutions and insights for driving profitable revenue growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers – from customer intelligence to merchandising, personalized marketing to supply chain.

He has more than 25 years of comprehensive industry experience, bringing a keen understanding of retail, manufacturing and logistics challenges. Kevin’s industry experience includes serving as chief information officer, supply chain executive, development of innovative technology solutions, inventor, and store operations development for both physical and digital retail.

Using AI to Predict the Unpredictable

Today’s merchandise management teams simply cannot keep up with the demands of modern retail. Too many stores (both digital and physical), store plans and products — each with unique characteristics — leave no room to make quick adjustments as shoppers’ tastes continue to rapidly change. With a plethora of information, opportunities and competitors in the…

Eliminating Category Duplication Through the Power of AI

No retailer deliberately sets out to complicate the lives and shopping experiences of its customers. In fact, headlines point to ways the industry is doing the opposite, adding convenient fulfillment options or altering store formats to accommodate quicker in-and-out trips. However, if as many as 17 percent of items in a category are duplicative in…

What Does Formula 1 Racing Have to Do With Retail? 

Amazon has created significant turbulence in retail over the past 10 years. Most scoffed at the business case of buying books a better way, but no one is laughing now that Amazon has created a better way to buy just about everything. How can retailers win with so much disruption and uncertainty? The answer, strangely enough, can be found in Formula 1 racing. The key to winning is understanding the external conditions and tuning the engine and air foils to maximize performance.

Retail’s Ghost Economy: A $1.75 Trillion Problem for Retailers Worldwide

The numbers are mind-boggling: a new research report from retail analyst firm IHL Group, sponsored by OrderDynamics, points out that retailers worldwide lose $1.75 trillion (that’s trillion, not billion) annually in revenue opportunities due to the combined costs of overstocks, out-of-stocks and sales returns. It’s a phenomenon that IHL and OrderDynamics call the “Ghost Economy,”…