Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a Trust and Safety architect at Sift who helps customers implement strategies that cross-functionally align risk and revenue programs. He has lead various risk, chargeback, spam/scams, and trust and safety organizations at Facebook, Square and Google.

E-Commerce Retailers Face Long-Term Challenges as Payment Fraud Damages Customer Trust

Today’s consumers demand instant and excellent shopping experiences. For many retail brands, if these expectations aren't met, it can have major impacts on trust, loyalty and long-term growth. A key component for successfully keeping customers happy is providing them a secure experience while they interact with a brand’s site. However, as fraudsters become more sophisticated…

When Will They Strike? Understanding Fraud in Online Shopping

Retail transactions during peak shopping periods, especially online and mobile sales, continue to increase each year — with the 2018 holiday shopping season serving as a prime example. The season saw record sales, with Black Friday far exceeding expectations and Cyber Monday becoming the largest online shopping day in U.S. history. E-commerce and m-commerce retailers…