Kerry Brunelle

Kerry Brunelle

Kerry Brunelle is the Senior Communications Manager, North America at Bazaarvoice, a digital marketing agency with a shopper network connecting retailers to their customers.

Interaction Before Transaction: How to Use Technology to Engage Shoppers

Today’s consumers are wary of shopping experiences that feel one-sided. They don’t just want to make informed decisions; they also want to trust the brands and retailers they choose. They want shopping to feel more like a human connection, not just a transaction. Every company wants to be known for having a superior customer experience.…

Retail Reflections: 3 Big Takeaways From SXSW 2019

Now that the dust has settled from the storm that is SXSW, I've had the chance to reflect on some of the key themes coming out of this year’s event. The retail industry in particular made waves with a higher profile presence than usual, with companies like Walmart, Patagonia, Away, lululemon, and just several…