Katie Hickey

Katie Hickey

Katie Hickey is a marketing manager at Usabilla, a voice of customer (VoC) platform.

How Retailers Can Strike the Balance Between Man and Machine

Brands across industries are eager to wow customers with new technology — and rightly so. In the age of heightened convenience, more personalized experiences and innovative shopping options like Amazon Alexa, consumers won’t tolerate brands that don’t embrace the future. However, that doesn’t mean brands should rely on tech to replace a good customer experience. Usabilla's recent…

Why it’s Time to Consider Leaving Your Customers Alone

We’ve all been there. You’ve just entered a store to make a quick purchase. Your head is down in an attempt to avoid speaking with any overzealous retail associates. But it’s too late, they’ve found you. What do you do to avoid this conversation? Lie, of course. Voice of customer platform Usabilla surveyed 2,000 U.S. consumers…