Kate Muhl

Kate Muhl

Kate Muhl is a vice president analyst in the Gartner Marketing practice, specializing in cultural and consumer insights. She has been researching and advising on the consumer and U.S. culture for more than a decade.

How to Get the Benefits of GenAI Without Losing Target Consumers

In 2023, 57 percent of B2C martech leaders said they planned to deploy generative artificial intelligence within the next 24 months, according to a Gartner survey. Marketers are under pressure to get GenAI working on behalf of their organization’s bottom line as quickly as possible. However, many consumers remain wary of AI and the companies…

Tailor Brand Actions to 4 Shopper Types to Drive Purchases

When making key decisions about brand positioning and activation opportunities, brand leaders must pay close attention to the factors that influence audience buying behaviors. Brand leaders must leverage shopper mindsets to create powerful brand strategies, from messaging to channel strategy. In a Gartner survey, over 2,000 U.S. consumers were asked about traits that described the…