KC Fox

KC Fox

KC Fox is Senior Vice President of Technology Services at Radial, a leading omnichannel eCommerce company with a focus on fraud prevention for some of the world’s top retail brands.

The Key to Preparing for E-Commerce Fraud in 2020

With online fraud transactions forecast to reach $25.6 billion in 2020, retailers need to heavily prioritize fraud prevention in the first half of this year. This begins with understanding vulnerable areas and how to combat fraud while protecting profitability and customer satisfaction. E-Gift Cards Are a Top Target EMV chip cards achieved their intended purpose:…

Think Like a Fraudster: 3 Retail Fraud Trends You Need to Know Now

2016 was a banner year for e-commerce growth and 2017 followed the same upward trend. However, with that growth also came an uptick in online fraud, requiring retailers to act fast to save their bottom lines and protect customers. Radial’s 2017 Fraud Index Report identifies emerging trends retailers should be aware of as they work…