Julio Lopez

Julio Lopez

Julio Lopez is the director of client strategy, retail lead at Movable Ink, a platform that helps digital marketers create personalized visual experiences across email, web, and display.

How Retailers Can Use Zero- and First-Party Data to Win This Holiday Season

From Amazon.com to Facebook, privacy is at the forefront of major corporations’ product and service updates. Even consumers are changing their purchasing behavior to pick devices and products that ensure their privacy is protected. In June, Apple unveiled a series of privacy leadership initiatives, which included its Mail Privacy Protection update. With this new update,…

How to Drive Value for Customers Without Getting Into a Discount Cycle

As Americans come out of lockdown and revenge spending continues to gain momentum, retailers are tasked with finding new ways to drive loyalty and increase customer engagement — ways that go beyond promotions and discounts. This is increasingly important for e-commerce operations. While we can expect that physical retail promotion cycles will increase as they…