John Livesay

John Livesay

John Livesay, author of Better Selling Through Storytelling, is a highly sought-after keynote storytelling speaker and Forbes columnist. During his talks, he shares the life-changing lessons he’s learned from his award-winning sales career at Conde Nast to help people become revenue rockstars by forming emotional connections with clients through stories. Livesay is the host of “The Successful Pitch” podcast, which is heard in over 60 countries.

When Sex No Longer Sells: How Victoria’s Secret Can Rebuild its Brand

The old way of using to sex to sell products has been “buy this toothpaste for a whiter, sexier smile” or “buy this sports car to feel sexy” or “buy this shampoo for shiny hair that will make you sexy.” Victoria’s Secret has been using sexy images to sell its lingerie for years, and it…

Can This Brand Be Saved?

How do you go from being hip and cool to "samey and boring?" A brand is much like a relationship. At the beginning of a relationship, everything is new and exciting. Many relationships fade over time in terms of fun, passion and relevance. Does this mean the relationship has to end or that a brand…