John Landsman

John Landsman

John Landsman is the Manager of Research Analytics at SparkPost,the world’s largest email deliverability engine.

He oversees competitive analysis and reporting for clients. With 30+ years of experience in all aspects of CRM development, deployment and application, John merged his technical and data know-how with his intimate knowledge of retail marketing, having served Macy’s corporate for 12 years. He comes to SparkPost through the acquisition of eDataSource in October 2019, where he was director of strategy and analysis for five years. His earlier years in CRM and email marketing were spent at corporations including eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, Analytics Group and Harte-Hanks CRM Analytics. Between 2005-2014, John was on the Marketing Faculty of Bentley University (Waltham, MA). He holds a B.A. from Miami University (Ohio) and an M.B.A. from The Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

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