John Clifford

John Clifford

John Clifford is CFO and COO of Ensurem, an online, multi-carrier insurance brokerage with a large and swift capacity to assist over 300,000 seniors per month trying to navigate Medicare coverage options.

Clifford has extensive life insurance experience ranging from start-up to multi-billion dollar corporations. In all of his roles he has leveraged the power of technology and has managed numerous highly successful project implementations. John has pioneered the use of technology to link consumers in an integrated seamless manner to the insurance purchase process.

Ensurem’s innovative technology facilitates the exchange of information between the buying public and health insurance industry, allowing them to establish relationships with most of the major health insurance issuers in the U.S.

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There’s a major shift happening in the healthcare industry to make itself more a part of consumers’ everyday environment, and it’s happening outside of the doctor’s office. Retailers are pushing to use technology to hype up the health management experience and bring consumers into stores for services that typically take place at a medical office.…