Johan Liljeros

Johan Liljeros

Johan Liljeros is General Manager and Senior Commerce Advisor, North America, at Avensia. Through a combination of technical and strategic business expertise, Avensia help B2C and B2B customers accelerate their growth and become even more successful in their day-to-day business through next-level digital commerce.

The E-Commerce Basics That Will Help You Win the Holiday Shopping War

It takes months for retailers to get the right technology, processes and infrastructure in place to support the heavy workloads the holiday shopping season entails. With the busy holiday shopping season upon us, there’s an opportunity for last-minute optimizations, adjustments and considerations to help you best prepare your e-commerce site. Focus on the Basics It’s…

Developing a Marketplace Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Marketplaces have raised the bar for what consumers can expect when shopping online. Brands operating marketplaces can gain useful insights on customer experiences, data that can be adapted into their other e-commerce channels. Retailers that start a marketplace now may be better equipped for the future. In fact, according to Forrester, two-thirds of global B-to-C…