Jim Lofgren

Jim Lofgren

Jim Lofgren is the CEO at Nosto, a global leader in e-commerce/mobile personalization.

A Thorn in Jeff Bezos’ Side … But a Rose for Fashion E-Commerce Players

It must drive Jeff Bezos crazy. For the wizard who has cracked the code on how to dominate e-commerce for everything from books to food to diapers and car parts, one category has eluded him: fashion. Bezos is not alone. Around the globe, fashion consumers remain out of reach for behemoth online retailers like Amazon.com…

5 Trends E-Commerce Retailers Need to Know for 2019

Eager to know what 2019 holds for the world of e-commerce? Here are five key e-commerce trends that promise to fuel retailers worldwide in the coming year, including the continuous rise of machine learning to a more sophisticated focus on the omnichannel customer experience, selling on social media and more. 1. Machine Learning Changes Everything…