Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert has been creating direct marketing programs that drive superior ROI for almost 30 years. Fluent in consumer or B-to-B, creative, operations, and analytics, he marries the strategic and tactical sides of direct and social media marketing in a seamless fashion that gets results. He’s CEO of a multidiscipline direct marketing agency, Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc., which focuses on direct mail, catalogs, DRTV, telemarketing, print, alternative direct marketing media and social media marketing. Jim has been involved in start-ups, expansions and turnarounds, and is an expert in helping multichannel marketers get to the “next level.” He’s a former adjunct professor, teaching direct marketing at Miami International University, and is President of the Board of Directors of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. Jim loves to talk direct marketing, and has done many lectures on direct and social media marketing.

Truth in Advertising in the Age of Coronavirus

Here's an update to my last post about marketing automation in a time of crisis: Some of you have made adjustments to your automated emails and funnel-triggered messages, but frankly many have not. For example, Ruby Tuesday offered me a dine in buy one, get one (BOGO) offer. (To the restaurant chain's credit, I was…

Coronavirus and Marketing Automation: Let's Be Careful Out There

I'm no stranger to writing about disaster preparedness and crisis management. I live in an area where we get hit with a hurricane every few years. And while we're in uncharted waters here with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, there are some things that marketers forget about doing in times of crisis. I will leave up to…

Marketing Offers 101: Make ’Em an Offer They Won’t Confuse

Making offers. Those finnicky little things marketers do in order to generate an order. Free this, bogo that, buy now and we will back up a semi-truck with all kind of freemiums to your home or office. All kidding aside, the offer you make is designed for one purpose: to reduce the friction between “should I…

Starbucks Clover: A Missed Revenue Opportunity

What is the greatest coffee secret at Starbucks you never knew? Simple answer: a cup of coffee from its Clover machine. I will get to the sales and marketing point of this blog post in a moment. But first let’s talk about a subject most of us love: coffee! If you've never had a "Clover," you're…

Marketing During a National Crisis Like Hurricane Irma: The Good and the Bad

I live in Florida. We left for Boston three days before Hurricane Irma was supposed to make landfall there. As I write this article (the first in a long time, sorry fans — been really busy), Irma has not hit yet. The situation in Florida? People as you know are scared (to say the least).…

‘Tra-Digital’ Marketers Get the Job Done

To many who “grew up” in digital marketing, I look old. (Even to me, I look old these days.) For the record, I'm a marketer who is in my 50s. However, despite that, I'm NOT a marketing dinosaur. All you young guns in digital, don't count us old-school marketers out. It was our generation that…

Don't Let ‘Weasel Words’ Ruin Your Offers

Recently while I was in the mall, I saw the sign below in a storefront window. Marketers can drive revenue by making strong offers, either online or in this case at retail. I wouldn't consider this example to be a strong offer. Take a look. Can you tell me why? While the offer, “30% Off…

LinkedIn Pulse Adds Demographics, Stats and More to Blog Posts

When I post an article anywhere as part of my content marketing strategy, I need to know how it's performing so I can improve my writing and, hopefully, improve lead generation for my marketing consulting practice. So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday morning when I found a new button on each of my LinkedIn Pulse posts allowing me to track my results!

How to Beat the 140-Character Limit on Twitter

A few weeks ago, Twitter made a major change to its user interface allowing marketers to break the barrier of the 140-character limit. To those of us who found the 140-character limit challenging, this is excellent news. To others just wanting to "say more," you're going to love this new feature.

The Immutable Law of REALationships: How to Build an Engaged Following on Twitter

As Facebook becomes more pay for play, I've really stepped up my game on Twitter. Previously, Twitter was the least important part of my social strategy. Turns out I was missing an opportunity. Not only is Twitter perfect for getting my articles out there and shared, but it's also a great "REALationship" building tool. I've been actively engaged on Twitter for the last six months, and I've gained nearly 1,700 followers. This is pretty much a step-by-step guide to how I did it:

8 ‘Modern Day’ Digital and Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Call me a heretic, but a lot of the "gospel of modern digital marketing" seems a bit too familiar to me. Digital marketers have done a great job of discrediting "traditional" direct marketing in an effort to make what they're selling (pure digital) more palatable. I get it. They need an edge, and bashing channels like DRTV and direct mail, while building up search engine optimization, inbound and social makes sense for them. But lets get real for a minute, shall we? Many digital marketers "coming up" don't even know where the rules they practice daily come from. Yet they still say traditional direct marketing is dead. Makes no sense, right?