Jerry Jao

Jerry Jao
Missed Opportunities With Holiday Shoppers

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, along with any doubt on just how much the holiday retail landscape has changed. Overall, signs are better for e-commerce companies than for brick-and-mortar stores, as seen in the results from the holiday weekend: while Black Friday in-store traffic slipped, online shopping surged, up 18 percent on Black Friday…

4 Tips for Holiday Email Campaigns That Will Ring Into 2016

It’s November, which means holiday season is in full effect, and retailers are fighting for consumer attention and wallet share. Not surprisingly, the biggest spike in customer acquisition tends to happen in November and December when shoppers are buying gifts and taking advantage of numerous deals. Well-timed and personalized email marketing campaigns can help retailers…

Editorializing Your E-Commerce Site

Publishing content is a unique breed of marketing and promotion. Unlike traditional means such as banner ads, live events, offers, etc., content marketing isn't directly promotional. Rather, it's about coming up with content that informs, entertains or inspires your audience. So how exactly can you use content marketing to your advantage? Below are a few best practices and examples of what you can do to take your e-commerce content marketing to the next level:

Tips on How to Maximize Customer Retention

Imagine after all of the effort and marketing dollars you've invested in acquiring new customers, that you slowly start losing them over time, seeing them unsubscribe from your email list one by one. That's a reality for some marketers, and an inevitable nightmare if they fail to execute on an effective retention strategy. Customers are unique. To retain them, you must treat them differently, learn about their preferences and give them what they deserve.

Using Fulfillment as a Customer Retention Tool

The warehouse is the last step in preparing a package before it lands in the hands of a customer. It's responsible for the last impression of the customer's overall buying experience. While this means it should be a key place to differentiate your brand's messaging, not many retailers recognize that order fulfillment represents an opportunity to capitalize on brand awareness. The fulfillment opportunity is responsible for the last impression of the customer's overall buying experience.